Why should I choose the Executive Rio for my trip?

Because we are unlike anything you’ve ever seen!
We have ten years of experience and are experts in what we do.
We offer our clients exclusive service done by trained drivers.

The Executive Rio is a certified company, which has the DNA of Rio de Janeiro.

How will I identify my car and driver?

Too easy. Our driver was waiting for you at the gate of his airline company with a board
identification containing the logo of our company, its name and surname.

For this we charge only the airport parking ticket. R$ 30.00.

The Executive Rio site is secure?

Yes. Our site has SSL and has the latest technology in data security.
SSL makes use of encryption to ensure the confidentiality of information transferred between the user’s browser and the web server. As a result, even if the information is intercepted they can not be read.
You can see our certificate: https://executivorio.com.br/wp-content/uploads/2016/06/SSL.png

My data will be kept in total secrecy?

Yes. Your data will never be disclosed.
We do not like spam!

By what means can I make a reservation?

By email: atendimento@executivorio.com.br
By Wathsapp: +5521998816085

I do not know the name of the airline with which I will travel or flight number, can make a reservation anyway?

Yes. Just send us an email to atendimento@executivorio.com.br
(at least 48 hours in advance), with the code of your booking
the flight number and airline company.Our driver will be waiting for you
at the gate

It has special child seat in the car?

Yes. The Executive Rio offers seat for your child.
Just let us know in advance (minimum 48 hours. Value R $ 15,00) making this request in the comments field of your reservation.
Legislation in Brazil requires all children under 5 years of age to ride in the chair.

I do not know the hotel name where I will be staying (a), can make a reservation anyway?

Yes. Just send us an email to atendimento@executivorio.com.br  (at least 48 hours in advance)
with the code of your booking(UniqueID), and so get the name inform us.

Can I choose my vehicle?

Yes. Our system displays the car according to the number of passengers and baggage
you selected at the time of the survey.

Always note the number of people and luggage that fit into each vehicle.
All our vehicles have ceiling luggage lockers so you have a comfortable ride.
For questions please email atendimento@executivorio.com.br

How many people can travel in the same vehicle?

It depends on the chosen vehicle.

Corolla: Up to 4 people with 4 bags.
Doblo: Up to 7 people without luggage. Up to 6 people with luggage.
Freemont: Up to 7 people without luggage. Up to 6 people with luggage.
Van: Up to 14 people without luggage. Up to 11 people with luggage.

Can I travel with my pet?

Yes. It will be charged 20% of the total value of services.
The customer must communicate that wish to travel with pets in advance(minimum of 48 hours).
Just write this information in the comments field.

You suggest hotels to stay in Rio de Janeiro and the other destinations to which conduct trips?

Not indicated hotels directly.
www.booking.com indicate the site for information on hosting.

The Executive Rio has partnered with travel agencies or portals?

Yes. We have partnered with travel agencies worldwide.
We work in partnership with site Holiday Brazil, Santos Dumont Airport(SDU),
Galeão Airport (GIG), New Personal, Paypal, Gerência Net, Brasilian Travels, among others.
If you are interested in being our partner, just fill out a form in

Have Facebook page?

Yes. Our address is on facebook https://www.facebook.com/executivorj.
Enjoy and see our 5 star qualification!

Do you work with shared transfer?

Yes. We work with shared transfer with Vans daily.
It is important to note the times for your wait time is not as long.
You can book directly on our website.

It offers a video on the Rio de Janeiro?

Yes. Watch a great video we prepared for you in our
Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/executivorj

What's better: get a uber, taxi or private transfer?

According to determination of the Municipality of Rio de Janeiro, Uber vehicles can not pick up passengers at the international airport, which creates a setback if you are in a hurry or need to get around with luggage. The taxi service provided at the airport is very costly. You do not know in advance the amount to pay, in addition to the rate doubled at night, on weekends and holidays. Burdening the value of the service.
With a private transfer, you will receive disembarking, assistance with luggage and comfort to your destination. We care for your safety and punctuality in their commitments, we provide professional service and are at your disposal for anything you might need. Also, you know the value of the service in advance, has insurance for passengers and have all the information about the driver in charge of your trip.

Can I cancel my reservation? How should I do?

Yes. Just click on the link at the end of the booking confirmation email.
Cancellation must be made in advance at least 48 hours of scheduled date, so that the value is 100% refunded and only minus administrative fees of credit card or bank.
If cancellation occurs after 48 hours, the signal value will not be refunded.

I need to get the data from my credit card?

No. The Executive Rio works in partnership with PayPal (the world leader in payments over the Internet).
When you make a reservation on our site, and decide to pay with your credit card,
you are redirected to the PayPal website to make payment.

We do not have access to your credit card data.

What forms of payment available?

We accept all major credit cards (via PayPal), bank transfer
(Which can be paid at any bank or lottery house) and deposit account in Itaú and Santander banks.

If there is more than one passenger, you can split the payment?

Yes. Just inform us in advance (minimum 48 hours) that value each
passengers will pay, as well as e-mail, full name and cpf each.

Can I book a transfer from the airport only to the hotel and vice versa?

Yes. At the time of research you can only choose one-way option.

You meet in what regions of Rio de Janeiro?

We serve throughout Rio de Janeiro. If you do not find their origin or destination
Our reservation system, please e-mail 

You tell in advance how much traffic on time and day you'll get?

Yes. In the voucher of your booking there will be a map of the Goolge Maps with information
on the expected running time and mileage to your destination.

This time may change due to accidents or other unforeseen events.

If I decide to leave the pre-established route, there is a problem?

No. We charge $ 85.00 per each minute used outside the pre-established route.
If you need to make a quick stop, let us know in advance (minimum 48 hours)
by field observations, so that we can evaluate, so that the charge is made.

The Executive Rio serves companies?

Yes. We serve companies of any state of Brazil. We billed for 15 and 30 days.
To register, just send us an email to atendimento@executivorio.com.br with the following data:

Razão Social:
Inscrição Estadual:
Endereço completo:
Cópia da última alteração contratual.

What is the best time to go to each destination?

Angra dos Reis: 00:00h às 05:00h/ 10:00h às 15:00h/ 20:00h às 00:00h
Búzios: 00:00h às 05:00h/ 10:00h às 15:00h/ 20:00h às 00:00h
Paraty: 00:00h às 05:00h/ 10:00h às 15:00h/ 20:00h às 00:00h
Arraial do Cabo: 00:00h às 05:00h/ 10:00h às 15:00h/ 20:00h às 00:00h
Cabo Frio: 00:00h às 05:00h/ 10:00h às 15:00h/ 20:00h às 00:00h

How many kilometers away from Rio to each destination?

Angra:  162 km
Búzios: 188 Km
Paraty: 264 km
Arraial do Cabo: 172 Km
Cabo Frio: 162 Km

What is the best time to visit each destination?

Angra dos Reis: September to April
Búzios: September to April
Paraty: September to April
Arraial do Cabo: September to April
Cabo Frio: September to April

It has 24-hour banking airport where they'll get?

Santos Dumont (SDU): After exiting the arrival gate left.
Galeão (GIG): Upon exiting the arrival gate go to the food court
using escalators. Leaving the stairs, turn right.

It has currency exchange at the airport where I will get?

There are only exchange houses in the Galeao International Airport – Antonio Carlos Jobim:
Banco Safra
Fone: (21) 3367-6154

Location: Passenger Terminal 1 – landing sector C
Horário: 24 hours
GetMoney Turmalina
Fone: (21) 3398-5352 e (21) 3398-5453

Location: Passenger Terminal 1 – landing sector B
Horário: 6h às 00h

They offer a guide with tips on each destination?

Yes. We have a page with information about our most popular destinations. You can see:

Copacabana – https://executivorio.com.br/destinos/copacabana.html
Búzios: https://executivorio.com.br/destinos/buzios.html
Cabo Frio: https://executivorio.com.br/destinos/cabo-frio.html
Angra dos Reis: https://executivorio.com.br/destinos/angra-dos-reis.html